Kolb's Badger DOB 6/3/2014
UKC# A749,307  ESC# ESC-2916  

Badger is also one of the family stud dogs. He resides on the farm with Jay's sister, Cheryl, who is also an English Shepherd Breeder. He is black and white, but both of his parents are sable and white. He is a sweet, lovable male and loves the opportunity to greet you and say hello. 

Shininger's Molly​  DOB 4/27/2015
UKC# P782-090    

Molly is a fun-loving, intelligent female who likes to "double check" and make sure your "no" really means "no". However, she learns new tasks so easily, and just loves being around her family. She is the daughter of our Sparkles/Badger litter that was born Spring of 2015.​

Kolb's Reba DOB 12/31/2015
UKC# P803-798    

Shininger's Ollie   DOB 7/9/2023

UKC# D181-463

Ollie is the newest male dog to our farm.  He's larger structured, mild mannered, and has a curly coat.  

Shininger's Maddy DOB 9/25/2018
UKC# B197150    

Maddy is sweet and calm.  Due to her nature she is often-times let inside and has grown used to being an almost "house dog". She enjoys napping on her blanket by the food bowl and watching us in anticipation as we prepare meals, in hopes that she'll get something extra to eat.

Shininger's Rusty   DOB 4/15/2022
UKC# D159-175  ESC# ESC-8396    

Rusty is one of the stud dogs on our farm. He is young and smart.  Good herding instincts and athletic.  


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Shininger's Maisie  DOB 12/6/2022
UKC# D153-274    

Maisie is the largest female in our pack.  Her mother is Molly, so we expect great things from her!

Shininger's Millie​  DOB 6/28/2021
UKC# P990-437    

Millie is a playful and sweet-natured female.  She has a medium build with good athleticism.