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English Shepherd Breeder-Central Indiana

What are English Shepherd Dogs?

What is an English Shepherd's Temperament? 

English Shepherds are active, but not super-hyper. They are very playful too. They are also friendly to kids and adults that they know. English Shepherds like to watch over their property and master. They keep vermin from visiting! They are also very intelligent dogs. 

Shininger English Shepherds herding livestock (years ago). 

What are English Shepherds Used For?

English Shepherds are used for herding cattle, sheep, and horses. They also make great companions for families with children. We compete in Dog Obedience and Agility at our County Fair with our English Shepherds. 

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Where would you find an English Shepherd? 

Today, you would find many of the English Shepherds on farms & in yards all over the United States. When the English Shepherd migrated here from Europe, it was more common in the Midwestern and Easter United States (in yellow). 

English Shepherds are overall descendants of the working farm dogs of England. 


Why are English Shepherds unique?

English Shepherds are unique because of their ears, neck, nose, tail, and their breed characteristics.  Their ears can be squared off or point up.  Their neck collar is mostly white. Their nose tends to grow a bit longer than other breeds.  Their tail has a lot of fur on the bottom.  English Shepherds tend to be mistaken for Border Collies. 

They both are from the herding breed, but the English Shepherd is less hyper and they also herd a bit differently than the Border Collie.  Border Collies tend to herd in a "full-moon" pattern, whereas the English Shepherd herds in a "half-moon" formation. 

What Color is an English Shepherd?

English Shepherds come in four different colors, (but more color variations have been developing). The four colors are: Black & White, Black & Tan, Tri-Color (Black,White,&Tan), and Sable & White. 

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