Pictured Here:

Shininger English Shepherds working cattle many years ago.

Our passion for the English Shepherd breed extends beyond our personal farm. It is an enterprise that also involves Jay's extended family. Jay's sister Cheryl, also has English Shepherds to help carry on the Shininger ES Legacy.

Pictured Here:

Fred Shininger (Grandpa), a previous litter, and a few of the grandchildren.

Joseph is the youngest in our family, but that doesn't stop him from having a commanding presence! He loves going to school and showing off how smart he is to any pretty girl who will listen.

Sarah is our tom-boy/princess. She will go from playing in the mud and riding the go-kart one minute to playing dress-up the next. She loves riding horses and playing outside.

Deacon enjoys sports and working on projects around the farm with Jay. He is a quick learner who applies himself to any task laid out in front of him. 

Emily is our dog whisperer. The connection she has with our dogs has earned high placing in dog obedience competitions at our county and state fairs. She also has an outstanding writing ability.

Vicky was born and raised in south-east Kansas. She met Jay in 1997 and has moved around the country several times, following Jay's career. Even though she grew up in Kansas, she is not a farm girl. But, she is quickly learning the farming trade!

Jay grew up on a diversified livestock and grain farm in north-west Ohio. After high school, he went to the Army for a few years and earned his mechanical engineering degree while in the service. Although he doesn't farm, he still has passion for the agricultural industry and has worked for CAT or CAT dealers in the Ag business since 1997.

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Hannah is our Goddaughter, and has been part of our family since she was in Kindergarten. Although she has a primary home with her own family, we still see our farm as her second home. She enjoys photography, as well as painting. On the farm, she likes to ride our horses.

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Our Family 


                                                              Our Family Values

Integrity – Integrity means truthfulness in all things, not only honesty in spoken word, but also fairness in all transactions with others. Honesty is not only what you say, bus also what you do not say in order to deceive.

Responsibility – We take responsibility for our actions, whether good or bad. We also exhibit the ability to be responsible for all types of matters, large or small. By practicing responsibility through care of animals, projects, crops, or other items, we learn this attribute.

Chivalry – Chivalry has two main components: First, it is protecting and helping those less fortunate or unable to take care of themselves. Second, it is adhering to the customary courtesies of placing women and children first. For women, this includes graciously accepting these offerings from men.

Fidelity – We will be true to our family, one’s spouse, and to God. This includes physical monogamy in marriage as well as emotional fidelity within the family unit. If we have problems or issues, we share them with each other first before going outside the family.

Work Ethic – We work harder than others as a means for success and prosperity. Our family will be known for our willingness to work hard!
Respect – We respect our elders, our superiors, ourselves, and each other. We also respect our property, and the property of others.

Faith – We practice our Catholic faith at all times. In other words, we walk daily with God as our guide.

Humility – This is one of the most under-rated virtues in our modern society. We need to maintain confidence in ourselves while maintaining our humility. Never hold yourself above others, and never hold others down in order to portray your strengths.

Strength – Physical fitness is important, as well as emotional strength, and cohesive strength as a family unit.

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